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Origin Infratech (India) Private Limited is dealing with Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators, which are widely demanded by those industries where emitting excessive heat can damage roof sheathing, felt and composition shingles. Our Wind Ventilator helps to ventilate hot emission and replace it with the fresh air from outer, there by preserving the life of the roof. Eco Air Ventilators offered by the company are hugely popular among clients in the worldwide markets Ventilators are diligently designed by the technical experts to save energy and provide maximum production in varied industrial applications.
Wind driven Turbo ventilators are the ventilators that are powered by the wind to create effective ventilation for different industries. Turbine or Turbo ventilators are round metal vents with fins in them. Even the slightest breeze can be enough for the turbo ventilator to rotate.

Wind driven turbine air ventilator:
Engineered to exhaust Industrial pollutants such as: Smoke,Dust, Poisonous gases, Humidity, Fumes, Heat, Invisible irritant etc.

FEATURES of Air Ventilation System

» No Maintenance.
» No Operating Cost.
» Runs on wind power.
» Weathered proof.
» Pleasant looking and enhances architectural looks.
» Strong Lightweight and anti-corrosive.
» No dust.
» Saving running cost on electrical exhaust fans.
» Remove foul smell and maintain hygienic condition.
» Low cost of installation.
» Assured ventilation for 24 hrs. /365 days.
» No pollution.
» Economical and environmental friendly.
» No noise.
» Smooth and quiet operation.
» Improves working conditions and Increases productivity
» Can be configured to meet required fresh air changes.
» No accidental hazards like fire due to short-circuits, electrical shocks
» Creates suction
» Light weight & Durable
» Easy to install and can be fitted to any type of roofing.
» Located at the topmost point of the roof to give optimum ventilation.
» Prevents condensation at the bottom of the roof
» Rainwater and bird proof, being made up of closely spaced profiled vanes
» Exhausts hot air due to stack effect even when there is no wind

ADVANTAGES of Air Ventilation System

• Provide energy free cooling & fresh air throughout the year
• Save cost of exhaust fans, wiring, maintenance, etc
• Remove entrapped heat & industrial emission Provides a safe, cool, healthier & more controlled environment
• Ensure the health of workers
• Do not require operating time. continuously works in motion with the wind Working Principal
• It utilizes wind energy to include air flow by centrifugal action. The
Centrifugal force generated by the rotating vanes creates low pressure zone, which draws fresh air from outside even after the stoppage of wind.
• Complete solutions for the fresh Air ventilation at working area.
• Possibility to get the difference 3 to 5 Degree depending on temp difference between ambient & working area
• No requirement of electrical power as it operates only on wind power
• Temperature Drop and Energy Saving.