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Pest Control

Disinfestations Services :¬
Our treatment for immediate and ultimate control of house hold pests like cockroaches, lizards, silverfish posits, spider, carpets, beetles and ants etc. Consists, of spraying of special insecticide formulations, which not only destroy the pets and their eggs, but also leaves residual action, which prevents re-infestation for longer period. Special attentions give sewer drains, which are breeding place of cockroaches.

For Rodent Control:
Rodents have different behavior patterns, are very active at different time of the day- night beside the destruction and nuisance caused by them, they are carrier of various pathogens, causing disease like Leptospirosis, Slamoneiiosis, Plague, Typhus fever etc. There active presence in human dwelling in general heighten the dancer of infection and food contamination. We will resort to integrated pest Management approach and will be using appropriate material required specifically top the situation.
Among the rodenticides, we are relatively safe single does anticoagulant redenticide like warfrain bromodiolone, which are effective against all the rodents in any situations. We also use Stick/Glue traps as per the requirement. We place permanent bait stations at fixed distance. We can assure you we have a wide range of Rodent Management Materials and competence to use them in order to provide you a total satisfaction.

Disinfestations Services :¬
For the purpose of this definitions shall apply.standard, the following
Chemical Barrier
The layer of chemically treated soil in immediate contact with the foundation and floor structure of abuilding which kills or repels termites thus forming a barrier which is impervious to termite entry.

Post Construction Treatment
The application of chemical insecticides to buildings to eliminate existing termite infestation and to make them resistant to termite attack. Chemical treatment should be provided within the plinth area of the ground floor of the structure wherever such cracks are noticed, by drilling. vertical y 12 mm holes at the junction of floor and walls, constructional and expansion joints mentioned above at 300 mm interval to reach the soil below.Chemical emulsion shall be squirted into these holes using ahand operated pressure pump until refusal or to a maximum of one liter per hole.

Soil Treatment
The application of chemicals (toxicant) to the soiladjacent to and under a building to form a chemicalbarrier which is lethal or repellent to termites.

Wood Treatment
The application of chemical termiticides to wood workand wood-based materials to eliminate existing termite

Safety Precaution
While handling the pesticides all the safety precautions would be followed as per the norms laid down in Central Insecticide Act 1968.

The above services would be carried out by trained experienced and skilled operators, under expert supervision and in eco friendly manner to ensure the effective, swift and long lasting results. .